About Us

At Third World TrAid, we believe that a positive and immediate way to help people living at subsistence level in developing countries is through Trade.

Trade creates demand at the point of production or manufacture thereby putting cash where it instantly reaches the point of need – the workers.

Our visit to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan have shown that cash provided through many Charities, Government Agencies, (NGOs) does not filter down the point of need quickly enough, if at all!

Third World TrAid has been set up to help develop grassroots trade, initially in Asia, through Internet sales.

We are shipping monthly, an expanding range of unique, handcrafted items, representing the fascinating and highly original heritage, art, beliefs and skills of this region.

Our USP is that all items are individual, rarely 2 items are exactly the same. However, this is because there is little or no quality control in Nepal. Please accept that measurements, colours and descriptions may vary slightly from each other, many items are still made by hand and not machinery. Thank you for your consideration and please contact us if your purchase is not as you would expect.